Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Easter Means to Me

Ah, Easter. In the case of this year, April.

Poet T.S. Eliot (disclosure: subject of my master's thesis, which I finished almost 10 years ago now! Oops, I meant "100 years ago." hee-hee) wrote that "April is the cruellest month/breeding lilacs out of the dead land." Or something along those lines.

While I dig Eliot's meaning in my more pessimistic moments (my husband would say that that's every moment for me, ha-ha!), today, as a mom, I would prefer to spin the top in a positive direction: April is a good month. Life gets a chance to take its chance anew. We all get to be reborn, regardless of our spirituality or lack thereof (in my case). If we allow ourselves to embrace peace, we can be reinvigorated by the myriad beauties of Nature.

And, in our case, we get to go out and garden. Hence the picture of DD using her brand-spankin' new watering can (I told her it looks like it belongs to the Tin Man, but she couldn't relate because she hasn't seen that movie yet). I am humbly submitting my photo to the April photo contest at An Island Life here, which talks about what the Easter (season) means to me. An Island Life, if you haven't visited it lately (or ever before now), is the well-put-together (wish I knew how to do en dashes in Blogger!) site of Kailani, a lovely lady with three equally lovely little girls. I enjoy reading her posts about life as a flight attendant--how brave is that!?!--and her darling "K"-named girls. You can find the rules of the contest at the link above--voting starts April 9th, etc.

To paraphrase another Eliot line originally about music but ostensibly much larger, "while the season lasts, we are the season," so get out there and smell the roses with your noses (with apologies to Dr. Seuss); plant the flowers, veggies, and the like; hike the hills and dales; take nothing but photos; and leave nothing but footprints, my friends!



  1. Well, look at this little cutie. Can I borrow her to come over and help with my garden? That picture belongs on the cover of magazine. Priceless. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed yourself. Have a great day! I love veggie gardens.

  2. Hidi Ho Girlfriend, thought I'd stop by, and thank you for entering my give-away & thanks for liking my coffee posts. It was really bugging me I had to find out, and I'm glad I did. Have a great day! I just love this picture of your little girl! This should be on Homes & Gardens front cover!

  3. Sorry I'm just getting around to thanking Dolly.

    Check out her blog--she features reviews and giveaways, and she hilariously riffs on everything from coffee to the "concrete jungle" where she lives to her very interesting life!

    : )