Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Welcome from the Mom de Plume

Okay. I know there's another blog out there with "Mom de Plume" stamped on it. And I'm cool with that.

Not trying to hijack that name, by any means.

Just wanted to throw out a brief welcome, mat it to the page, et voila.

Wilkommen! Tag! Nie hao ma? Buenos dias. Bienvenuto. Hello!
(Wish I knew more languages. Greetings nonetheless.)

Did you ever wonder why it is that "mom" and "dad" are palindromes? (This is not a lead-in to a joke, amazingly, given my sometimes facetious nature.)

Because moms and dads are some of the people most capable of, ourobouros-like, rolling back upon what's best about themselves into infinitude and folding those earlier selves into their current knowledge, emotions, and philosophy. Changing, yet somehow staying the same. Sustaining.

Sorry to go New Age-y on you with that brief interlude, but I guess it just had to be done.

Welcome again to my blog about anything and everything. It's a Kitchen Sink Think Tank, a writing space, a rant, a diatribe, occasionally (hope springs eternal) a beautiful line or funny passage ... a write of passage ... for moms or dads or people or animals or kids.

Perhaps you fit into one of those pigeonholes.

Speaking of which, let's have fun as we travel down the Universe's rabbit hole together, bearing in mind there can, indeed, be atheists in foxholes.

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