Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Monday, a Day Late

Merry Monday everyone. Oh yeah, it's Tuesday.

In our house, it should be dubbed Twos-day, because we're actively coping with a 2-year-old's whims and whams and whammies. And, I hope, not too many of the latter.

Nonetheless, if you have a moment, get thee on over to STL Mommy, a Web site I discovered in the last 1-2 weeks or so. It's great to have someone "nearby" to read, and I really enjoy the site. So much so, that I have the button on this little blog endeavor.

Kim at STL Mommy is right now hosting a Bob Evans gift card giveaway (http://www.stlmommy.com/2009/12/bob-evans-merry-mondays-20-off-coupon-4.html) that looks like it's open to people all over the U.S., not just the St. Louis area. So, if you have a Bob Evans restaurant in your area and you like giveaways and the potential for free stuff, this is one you won't want to miss. Plus, it ends at 5 p.m. today--CST, I presume.

Good luck to all. Or, in online parlance, GLTA!

And have the greatest day possible. : )

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