Saturday, December 12, 2009

Zhu for You

As you who read me--all two of you (thanks, Mom!)--know, I am inordinately fond of puns. Or pond of funs, perhaps!

And, as it's holiday time, I want to wax poetic on the intersection of the crux of the overlapping of the paralleling of movies, Christmas, and such.

Okay. I'll start making sense.

Zhu Zhu Pets. Reminds me of "It's a Wonderful Life," and Zhu Zhu's petals. I would imagine that's where this nearby (to us), in the 'Lou, company got inspired to name their Toy Sensation.

I don't know if our little one will like a Zhu Zhu Pet, but I'm going to give it a try (if I win one of the little holy grails, that is). To that end, there's an awesome giveaway at this new site I discovered today. In A Kid's World. You'll see the button on the blog, but here's the exact link to win a Mr. Squiggles:

So, I shall now close down the Zhu. (If I ran the Zhu, I would probably request a Mr. Squiggles. He could be like the young Gerald McGrew in Dr. Seuss' _If I Ran the Zoo_, too!)

Good luck to all who enter ... play the Scorpions song and just maybe you'll get lucky-ducky and win a furfunful of Mr. Squiggles!

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  1. Thank you Leigh for blogging about my giveaway, putting my button on your blog, but most of all the very nice comment you left. I do enjoy what I am doing on the blog very much and am happy to hear I am conveying my passion. Welcome aboard In A Kid's World. Happy Holidays to you and your family. -Karen