Monday, February 15, 2010

Help a Special Child Afford an Equally Special Bike

The little girl's name is Emma. Her mom's name is Jaime. But she just as easily could be the little girl next door. Your niece. Your child's friend. Your own daughter.

Emma is the victim of an inconceivably brutal act of abuse--shaken baby (or shaken child) syndrome. Her mom manages a blog that I read and enjoy, Revenge of the Book Nerds, and I learned about Emma through her mom's book blog. You can read a little more about Emma's story here,

As a mother myself, I cannot imagine what Jaime is going through, but I pledge to do my best to help her little girl raise money for a special bicycle that will help her build up her cardiovascular system.

Please give what you can, and please spread the good word even if you can't give anything now.

Have a great day, and hold your friends and loved ones close always!

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